18 Lessons In 18 Years

1.     Don’t eat snails.

2.    Don’t punch people just because they won’t do what you tell them to do.

3.    Don’t steal all the bread chips at church or the priest will call you out.

4.    Don’t bully that kid because he’s different, someday he’ll be your best friend.

5.    Don’t play with garden scissors or you’ll end up with a scar on your upper lip that you’ll be majorly insecure about in your teens.

6.    Always remember to make peace with loved ones, you don’t know when it’ll be their last day.

7.     You can’t control people like puppets, manipulation is for the weak.

8.     Don’t blame your parents for everything, they have your best interest at heart.

9.     Don’t make your best friend choose between you and her boyfriend.

10.   Don’t compete with the other girls, you are you and you are awesome.

11.   Don’t be such a drama queen and keep that ego in check.

12.   Don’t fall for people too easy, don’t break your own heart.

13.   Always remember that not everything needs a reaction, you don’t always have to put people in their place.

14.   You can’t expect people to think the way you do, learn to accept people for just who they are.

15.   Don’t dumb yourself down to fit in.

16.   Don’t give into mediocracy, know what matters and what doesn’t matter.

17.   Don’t get so angry easily, three deep breaths.

18.   Don’t, no matter how hard it is, settle for average.

Here’s to many more lessons.