Backwards Is the New Ignorance

“You’re young and impressionable! Therefore, you do not hold a valuable or even a respectable opinion of the world.”

That damn age card, that is used to undermine young adolescents on their stance on the social and political, is outdated. Sorry. I don’t believe that there is a ‘natural’ or ‘right’ way to live and I never will, that traditional bullshit is ancient. Sue me. Of course don’t go on a rampage killing people who don’t believe in the same values you do but please for the love of god, mind the pun, let same sex couples marry. I had an argument with a right wing nut, we’ll name him John, about this exact issue. John supposes that there is a ‘natural’ order of living and in turn thinks that those in the LGBTI+ community are not natural and should not be allowed to adopt children. By this, you can already tell that John’s backwards views has stumped his ability to adapt to today’s way of living where you just mind your own damn business.

I have a friend, I’ll include her name for credibility, named Bridgette. From the age of 6 Bridgette understood and accepted that some men like men and some women like women as she was raised in a family of two mums and one dad. She did not find this unusual until the children at school would fling the insults ‘gay’ and ‘faggot’ at each other as if it were a bad thing to be ‘homosexual’. It was from then on that she would hide the fact that her mother’s partner was a woman from the fear of being judged, not from the fear that it was unnatural. What you need to understand from this anecdote is that Bridgette is not ‘damaged’ by her mother’s sexual preference but by the close-mindedness of those around her. It did not influence her to like a woman herself but only taught her how to love a person despite their gender.

In ABC’s three-part documentary ‘Redesign My Brain’, Todd Sampson undergoes a radical brain makeover in the aim to be smarter and decrease mental ageing. Throughout his makeover, he concludes that ‘rigid mind sets block creativity because we continue to view things the same old way’.  There are many right wing John’s in our society, some in our parliamentary systems who refuse to change their backwards way of thinking and who are controlling our way of life. American Linguist, philosopher and all round kick ass dude, Naom Chomsky suggests; ‘that what matters is the countless small deeds of unknown people who lay the basis for the significant events that enter history are the ones who have done things in the past… they’re the ones who will have to do it in the future’. Let me emphasize more deeply that the Czarina’s and Bridgette’s of this society will not and do not believe that there is a natural or right way to live and we never will. We may be young but we sure as hell aren’t naïve and we will endeavour to create a future where equality and justice is served to all. Screw your damn age card.