2017: No Agenda Just A Guide

It’s that time of the year again to make empty promises to yourself, come to your senses and continue to be your old average self. In that moment of your drunken state when the countdown hit zero, you fantasised for a moment about the unlimited possibilities that could potentially be explored. The possibility that you could lose weight, be nicer and be smarter. A week has passed and you are binge eating your feelings, you clicked your fingers at a waiter and you’re still sleeping with your ex. Not a thing has changed and you’re beating yourself up about it because you were so convinced that the new year would motivate a new you. Well let me state the obvious, a date will not magically ignite some sort of enlightenment that will prompt you to dramatically alter your lifestyle and mindset. I don’t know why we’ve become so accustomed to this ridiculous concept because we’ve all been proven time and time again that we will make these promises as easy as we will forget them. Fear not, I have come up with an idea- make no promises.

Let’s start from the beginning, your New Year’s resolution will vary from realistic ones, such as a slight pay rise or to pick up a hobby, to outlandish ones such as to find your one true love or succeed world peace. From whatever inspiration comes to mind you have undoubtedly made these resolutions out of grievances from the past year in hopes to compensate for that particular downfall. Every year however it doesn’t seem to work out and you find yourself slowly growing demotivated until one year you make none. Welcome to that year. It sounds counterproductive, glass-half full and for some this concept won’t even make sense. I’ll explain, when the gates to adulthood are swung open you are given a too simple guide to life which I’m sure you’ve all heard before. This guide details;

1.       Go to University (even if you’re unsure about which course to take because you fear that you would spend the rest of your life sub-par to society)

2.       Have a demanding part-time job (which will eat into your social life and even stop you from doing the things that you love, not to mention you’ll be paid under the legal wage and there is not a thing you can do about it)

3.       Get a degree (hahahaahah will this even get me a job?)

4.       Begin your career (work for free, be exploited, suck up to some bosses)

5.       Find a nice lovely person to have a nice lovely family with (you actually don’t want kids or/and you’re terrified of marriage)

6.       Retire (at the age of 90 because the economy is stuffed and the welfare state doesn’t give a hoot about old people)

7.       Die (and look back on your adventurous life with no regrets)

P.S if you don’t follow this particular narrow and close minded pathway to life, you will be frowned upon by all of society and banished as an outcast.

If you think about it most of your resolutions are a replica of this rigid guideline however the reality is, some of the happiest people haven’t gone to University and will probably never get married. They instead spend their lives adapting to the chaos of life, making the best out of their worse days and learning how to be better equipped. So this year I pose to you a ‘No Agenda, Just A Guide’ challenge; leave room for change and learn to find peace in the unpredictable. Understand that what you want now could completely change in the next few months or even days. Fill your schedule with all the things you love doing with the people you love. Invest more time in hobbies, they don’t need to be a source of income but a source of therapy. This may all sound like a fantasy and even a little naïve on paper but once you start implementing this mindset more into your daily life, you’ll realise that your best memories and achievements were the ones that were unplanned from the beginning.

You’ll see what I mean, may 2017 be whatever you make it to be.