Aussie's Don't Cry


As Australian’s we're okay with being fine because after all everything is just fine. After a long week of working our nine to five, we sweep our problems under the rug while sinking a few beers and watching the footy with our mates. It’s a good life or is it? Instead of trying to better our country we hide behind our titles for having the most liveable cities, world’s greatest athletes and public holidays. We have mediocre politicians getting away with blue murder in front of a society that doesn’t care. Instead of getting down to the root of our problems we blame minority groups for our own short comings; we are so set in our ways that so many of our out-dated traditions can never be changed.

We tell our children they're special but not special enough to be the next Steve Jobs while deflating their dreams, forcing them through thirteen years of schooling and standardised testing for a piece of paper with a number on it. High School principals walk around class rooms breathing down the neck of students reminding them of the school’s perfect VCE ATAR record. We assume that every child will learn the same way instead of catering to their individual needs and career paths. Try asking a fish to climb a tree, it’s not possible because it’s a fish, however, if you allow the fish to swim, it will thrive. We continue to group students into one solid entity, all cogs operating in the same machine. Which is what our society is slowly becoming; individuals all following a traditional disaster; the Australian way.

If a student questions their authority they are seen as a bad influence, a trouble maker if you will. The same punishment that is used to discipline the real trouble makers is repeated for students who learn differently; cultivating the fear that the perfect ATAR score is unachievable. Is that what our young people have become; just another number?

There are plenty of recreational fields and sporting clubs to be found but a lack of art galleries. If you’re not streaming through the middle of the MCG, with ball in hand you don’t kick the goal. It’s un-Australian to pursue a life of the arts but never mind that it favours 60% of our economy or that it cultivates 90% of our consumerism. If we’re comparing pipe dreams, it’s just as ambitious to get a gig in the AFL than to get a gig performing at the Sydney Opera House - so why then are we glorifying one over the other. Even from a young age, we raise our children with the assumption that girls will go to beauty school and boys will work a trade.

In 2018, mental illness is still considered taboo. Don’t bother trying to talk some sense into poor Johno who’s just showed considerable symptoms of depression as we allow him to self medicate; getting shit faced every weekend - consecutively Thursday through to Sunday “with the boys” - it’s the bloody Australian way. What’s bothering you Johno? Is it the fact that you’ve constantly been reassured with a pat on the back and a ‘you’ll be right mate’.

Until such time that Johno’s fed up with crying wolf, he’d rather smile through his teeth. When will we as a nation begin to talk openly about our feelings before it’s too late?

But hey, it’s Friday, right? Have a good one.