Cameron Diaz is FUMING over Taylor Swift's New Video!

Love it or hate it, there's no denying that Taylor Swifts new track 'Look What You Made Me Do' is making waves over the internet. Stealing the VEVO 24hr record from Adele's Hello with the music video reaching 43.2 Million Views in just one day, and robbing Ed Sheeran of the Spotify streaming record, the new Taylor has it out for just about everyone in her 'diss' song. However it looks like Swift's new found boss-attitude is about to get her into some major trouble. Those familiar with 2002 Rom-Com 'The Sweetest Thing' staring Cameron Diaz are sure to remember the Iconic restaurant scene where the girls sing about... (if you know the scene I don't think it needs any further explanation). However comparing this 15 year old guilty pleasure to Taylor's brand new single, some similarities begin to appear between the two melodies. Go ahead and take a listen for yourself!

What do you think? Do we have another 'Blurred Lines' style lawsuit on our hands here, or is Taylor just paying homage to her favorite chick flick?