Dan Ginnane: Emerging Fighting, Action, and Comedy Man

Although only 21 years old, when it comes to acting, Daniel Ginnane has wisdom well beyond his age. This is because, Ginnane explains, that the ability to act in any role comes down to perception and your capability to provide your own ‘stylistic twist’ in any performance. This is because, Dan explains, that in acting, it is impossible to remove oneself (or their soul) from the character in which they are playing. Ginnane is no slouch when it comes to putting up a fight - with involvement in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) since the age of 13, becoming a registered fighter at 18. Acting and MMA are very similar, according to Ginnane, as both require expressions of the ‘many elements of Dan’ when putting on a performance for the audience. 


Ginnane’s passion for acting emerged throughout his childhood, attracted to the high risk nature of performance as a career. Growing up without a father, Ginnane was driven by his mother’s own successful career in performance, as well as his own drive for success and the need to ‘battle’ to achieve this success in such a risky field of expertise. Starring in his own films since high school, Ginnane is largely self taught, complimented by his education at the Australian Institute of Performing Arts Intensive Course in 2017, run in the United States. It was here that Ginnane gained credits in two films, directed by Kristine May, including “Chemotion” and “Vision Boards”, produced on a micro-budget of just $6,000.  

Ginnane is also making a name for himself in the Melbourne film scene, with credits in university films such as “Purple” (2017), directed by Jess Lee, and stars as the main antagonist in Sam Butler’s upcoming art piece “The Fighter” (2018). This year Ginnane will also be touring schools in Victoria and Regional Australia, starring in a main role within an ANZAC tribute and educational play run by Cultural Infusion.

In the future, Ginnane aspires to return to the US to fulfil his mission of uniting people through film and performance. With a larger market for actors, The American industry is renowned for being more welcoming toward ethnic diversity than Australia’s, where a lack of cultural diversity is a significant issue. This is a particularly important cause for Ginnane, who hopes that his own success in the future can aid in the fight for greater inclusivity in Australian film and television. 

Ginnane hopes to establish himself in the US as an action and comedy actor where he is able to combine his greatest passions, including MMA. But when it comes to a dream role, Ginnane is not too fussy, wanting to play a character who is unique and original in its performance, a character which ‘only Dan can do.’  

Regardless of whether he continues in his acting or MMA career, OOMPH! will be keeping a close eye on Ginnane, whose passion and dedication to his field is set to carry him very far.