Delicious Beauty: Honey

A routine good enough to eat.


This week on Delicious Beauty our ingredient is brought to you by one of nature’s own little alchemist, the bee; and her potion of syrupy bliss will transform your complexion to make it just that much sweeter. This golden liquid holds unique healing properties that were discovered in the ancient times of both Chinese and Egyptian medicine. Often in combination with other traditional herbs, honey was used to repair wounds, combat dehydration and cure the gut of unwanted toxins. In today’s world, we continue to use humanities first sweetener - spreading its goodness on our toast and our teas; not realising that honey is the best, all natural, anti- bacterial and anti-fungal creation readily available in our kitchens. If you’ve ever seen ‘The Bee Movie’ (the greatest film of our generation), you’d know that without the tremendous work ethic of bees, 90% of the earth’s flora would no longer survive due to the process of pollination. So not only are these fascinating mini-beasts to thank for remarkable nourishment of our world, but also of our bodies too - inside and out!

The major growing practise for honey in our beauty routines, was born from its versatile use as a DIY face mask. With the addition of almost any natural ingredient, whether that be turmeric for inflammation or lavender for anxiety, honey binds and holds to create an incredibly moisturising pamper. It’s properties possess a natural gift of healing to your skin, whether it be used for acne, scarring or any sort of wound, as it aids in the stimulation of tissue growth. This works because of an enzyme generated throughout honey called hydrogen peroxide, which is also commonly used in household disinfectant products. It’s purpose is to destroy toxic bacteria and cleanse the wound in order that regeneration can occur. Applying a thin layer of honey all over your face as a 10 minute mask once a week, or even as your daily face wash, will greatly reduce any pore-clogging bacteria and soothe your skin - without the use of harsh products.


The biological moisturising component of this whole food ingredient, is a clear reason why honey is often found throughout beauty products aimed at combatting dry skin. Massaged directly onto the scalp or used alongside your shampoo, honey is a hydrating remedy for dull hair and dandruff. One of the reasons scalp issues occur is because the hair creates a perfect environment for fungal infections. Honey works to naturally distinguish fungus and bacteria - soothing the itchiness that may arise and preventing the problem in the future. As someone who suffers from mild psoriasis, I know first hand the therapeutic benefit and relief honey brings to dehydrated skin - it seriously is one of nature’s best medicines. 


Despite the clarifying wonders of smearing sticky sweet honey on your skin, sometimes using a product or ingredient externally, won’t give you the results you want because of a bodily imbalance internally. The scientific truth is, a healthy glow outside, will only result from healthy insides, and the number one factor that influences our bodies optimal function is our lifestyle - a third of which we spend asleep. That’s right, I’m prescribing beauty rest for your routine, and honey has been used since ancient times to enhance the revitalisation process your body undergoes when sleeping. Our liver, in particular, is what works to restore us from the day, but can only do so with enough fuel - known as glycogen. If you don’t eat after dinner, by the time you go to sleep our glycogen store is almost entirely depleted and the brain will activate stress hormones to instead retrieve it from the muscles. Eating a spoonful of raw honey before bedtime quickly increases these stores and allows our liver to more effectively filter out toxins. Try using honey to enhance your rest, the crucial medicine to keeping us vibrant and healthy beings. With quality, deep sleep comes restoration, which not only supports healthy skin, hair and nails but a decrease in stress. An improvement of clarity in the mind and thought - a more significant aspect of our beauty routine. 

One of the only foods that will never spoil, honey is a beauty in itself - A truly incredible effort of teamwork is needed for its creation as a single bee will work her entire life to produce only about half a teaspoon. Abundant in antioxidants and a wealth of rejuvenation, $5 - $10 is all you need to include a jar of sweet healing into your routine. Atop all this goodness, honey is created entirely by the hard work of female bees only - because nature doesn’t play by the rules.