Don't Settle For Bullshit High School Friends


It’s been 8 months since I’ve graduated from high school and to my surprise there hasn’t been any drastic changes in my friendship group. I was lucky enough to wind up with beautiful kind-hearted people who I know will be there for the long run. However, there are some friends that I swore back then were going to last and holy shit was I wrong. The trick is people will either grow with you or grow apart from you, that’s the only way to measure the longevity of a friendship.

In my case, I grew apart from toxic senseless people that hindered my growth and wellbeing. Yeah, I said it. I’m talking about people who don’t ask how you are but rather updates on the latest gossip, people who cancel plans with no intention of making new ones, people who are so insecure that they’ll compete with absolutely everything that you do and people who complain non-stop about their lives with no intention of changing. These people as I describe them are ‘high school friends’, friends that just didn’t quite make the cut. You know that saying? ‘Fly with the eagles and you’ll be an eagle?’ I like to believe my friends and I are exactly that, a ‘convocation’ of eagles. These people are intelligent, sensitive and most importantly ambitious. They don’t care about the mediocre bullshit that typically is the burden of some people’s lives, they are more concerned with building a bright future that coincides with their dreams. I am so blessed to have these people in my life, especially through the transition of adulthood. I know that they will guide me into becoming the woman I need and want to be. I sincerely urge you to find genuine people and make in-depth relationships with them. To wrap this up here's another one of my favourite cliche's, ‘you become the 5 people you most spend time with’ and it is so true.

Don’t settle for bullshit high school friends, instead trade them for genuine ones. Trust me.