Down and Personal with the OOMPH! Team: New Years Resolutions

Year after year the age old cliche of ‘new year, new me’ plagues Facebook, Instagram and social media as we all pledge to better ourselves in some way or another. However, where we may fail to stick to our fad diets and spending habits, we can learn a lot about ourselves in the promises we make. I decided to ask some of OOMPH!’s OG members about the promises they have made themselves in hopes of inspiring some ‘new me’ mantra.

Czarina Madayag, Editor in Chief of OOMPH! News & Co-Founder of OOMPH! Network - To Only Impress and Serve My 85 Year Old Self. 


This isn’t really a new years resolution but something that I always want to keep locked away in my mind. Through out my teenage years and even in my young adult years, I’ve achieved goals in spite of ex boyfriends, family and friends-never truly doing it for myself. Even doing something out of altruism was to spite people who’d say I was “selfish”, my motivation was indeed corrupted. 2018 was an eye opener and only now at the conclusion of the year, immersed in proving the wrong people right, I realise how many lives I’ve changed through my passions. Ever since this realisation, I finally feel that longing fulfilment that was waiting to be unlocked and now I only want to impress the one person I should only impress; my 85 year old self. 

Gabriel Carrubba, Content Creator, OOMPH! News and OOMPH! Media - To Do More.


My resolution is to do more. To do something for my craft everyday. Whether it be reading, writing, working on my acting or picking up a camera, it’s to do something that’s going to benefit my goals, allowing me to take one step closer to them everyday. This industry is tough and competitive, there are a lot of people who all want to achieve their dreams, but not everyone is willing to work at it everyday without flinching. It’s one thing to call yourself an artist, but it’s a totally different kettle of fish to actually do it.     

Talani Cooke, Head Editor and Writer OOMPH! News - To Stop Slouching and Stand Up Straighter


In the last two years, you have grown so much, it's been a long time since high school. It’s time to stop hunching over and being shy and start standing tall and being proud of all  you have accomplished. You have lost so much weight and am looking and feeling more confident about your appearance, you have traveled internationally and volunteered, you have taught and spoken in front of crowds of hundreds and you have inspired many writing for OOMPH!. It's time to recognise all this in the way you present yourself. No more hiding behind your hair or shoulders, its time to stand up straight. 

Mitch Clarke, Writer OOMPH! News - Picking Up Where I Left Off


My New Years resolution is to pick up exactly where I’ve left off this year. After a tough year in 2017, 2018 has been important in kicking personal goals and proving there’s always the potential for good around the corner. I aim to use my Bachelor’s degree in Journalism to find that coveted job in the media industry and start being the voice of those who aren’t being heard - from inequalities and injustices in Australia to all over the world. I’d love to continue to travel and show authentic portrayals of some of the most misunderstood countries and people around the world. Next stop, Israel and Jordan via Dubai.

Nathan Smart, Content Manager & Co-founder OOMPH! Network - To Broaden My Horizons.


2018 saw dozens of incredible projects pass through the OOMPH! Network, From short films, to music videos, fashion photography to podcasts. Whatever the project, I thrive off the sense of accomplishment and pride that comes with creating great content and sharing it with the world. Despite the busy demeanour, In 2019 I want to stretch my ambitions even further by taking on more challenging projects, more frequently. Not only will this allow us to help even more like minded musicians, brands and people, but it will be a major development for myself both personally and professionally, while also bringing OOMPH! closer to our long term goals.


Jazmin Padarath, Content Creator OOMPH! News and OOMPH! Media - My New Years resolution for 2019 is to follow through and finish the things that I start.