How Benn Tkalcevic Quit His Job to Be A Travel Filmmaker

After quitting his trade as a cabinet maker, Benn Tkalcevic now travels full time for a living and documents his journeys on his Youtube channel Benn TK. All thanks to his brother Jamie and sister Emma who encouraged him to fulfil his true purpose.


Explain how you quit your job and transitioned to film full time? 


I was always looking for a way out. I always had that burning desire to escape, I just didn’t want to live that life. One time I got into a pyramid scheme with my mates and we all worked so well together but the product was terrible. But as I got better with video, I started doing night club gigs then festival gigs and  at one point I was doing trade full time and videography part time on weekends. I was also trying to make my own stuff so there was never any down time. I don’t remember thinking about anything else other than “making it”. So it wasn’t until I travelled to Vietnam and made that video that I finally quit my job and got offered a gig in Thailand with a tour company, from there things were getting thrown at me and since then I’ve had constant work.


What was your eureka moment?

Back in the day I was a workaholic and I wouldn’t spend any money because at that time I was saving up for a house. My little brother Jamie encourage me to go travelling with him and his mates, I was so hesitant and he was all like “just do it man, you work too much”. So we ended up travelling to Thailand and it ended up being the best experience of my life and a year later I ended up quitting my job to travel full time. 

Another pivotal moment was when I travelled to Vietnam with my brother and sister, I made a travel video for Youtube and as soon as it was uploaded it went crazy. This showed me what could happen if i kept pushing my limits. 

It’s impressive because you were one of the only people who’ve made it today, a few years ago, jumping on the Youtube bandwagon was a lot easier to do but now with the market so saturated - it’s a lot more difficult. 

I also jumped on a trend which I was pretty lucky about when it was just peaking and people were just starting to do it in a skilful way. Now it’s super saturated and it would be a lot harder to get noticed, in saying that - it will always comes down to talent and skill. 

Who was the catalyst behind the decision to trade your trade for your dream? 


My brother and sister, they really encouraged me to take the plunge. Over that year of thinking about quitting my job and actually doing it - they really pushed me to take action. Especially Jamie, I think he knew that it would be something I’d be good at.

What’s it like to be in a family of creatives?

It’s pretty cool. My sister is a crazy photographer, she’s been doing that way before I was doing video. Jamie’s been doing music for ages and now he’s getting into video and I’ve just always loved it. We’re a multi-creative family, the skills we’ve learnt in photography, video and music are from what we’ve learnt by ourselves.