Cass Knowles | Welcome to the Industry

Underground Melbourne rapper Cass Knowle's begun her music career at just 15 years old. Six years later she shares her experiences, tips, and advice with OOMPH! in the first episode of our brand new series: Welcome to the Industry.

"Hard work beats talent if talent doesn’t work.”

Knowles lives by this mantra, a conspiratorial YouTuber by day and rapper by night. She is the very description of a self-doer as her craft is purely her own. Her advice for young artists, “don’t rely on anybody else to do the dirty work for you.”

“Want designs done? Crack Photoshop and learn to do it yourself. Want full creative control of your music? Learn post production and buy a standard AKG. It’s an era where signing a contract will be more of a setback if you have your own visions and marketing ideas. You don’t want to become a product only popular for consumerism for a short span of years.” 

Check out what else she has to say in the full video below, and don't miss new episodes of Welcome to the Industry, every Wednesday on OOMPH!