Global Success Jakübi Returns to Jam in Hometown

From afternoon jams to worldwide fans, Melbourne group Jakübi are set to perform two must-see shows at Northcote Social Club on September 7th/8th. After signing to Epic Records in 2014 and Jolting to fame with infectious tracks like Can’t Afford It All and Couch Potato, the group are making their way back home in the city where it all started. These boys are about as chill as you can get, merging mellow guitar and keys with groovy bass and drums, their on trend sound is superbly tied together by the smooth talk style vocals of lead signer Jerome Farah. “I believe our live shows are our strongest point”, the group dazzled Mornington crowds just 12 months ago, and there’s no doubt that Jakübi will raise the bar even higher this time around. We look forward to catching up with the boys and will have exclusive OOMPH! Content following the show. Tickets are available for purchase now and they're selling fast, don’t miss out!