Lahey Announces "I Love You Like A Brother" Tour


Just over a year ago Alex Lahey may have been nonchalant about her appearance in the Australian music scene, quoted "I'm just some random from Melbourne". However, with the upcoming release of her debut album "I Love You Like A Brother", she is now renowned as Melbourne's grimly cynical rockstar. Whatever your troubles may be, Lahey has a fist-pumping song for. In the album, she digs deep into the psyche's of nervous 20-somethings and nihilistically encourages them to point their middle finger. Set to release on Friday 6th of October. 

To praise it's arrival, Lahey is embarking on a national tour hitting stages across the country in Newcastle, Sydney, Brisbane, Ballarat, Geelong, Adelaide, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth and Fremantle.

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