ALL the deets on Tesla's brand new Model 3!

Source: Tesla

Source: Tesla

From Tesla’s Fremont Factory, Visionary and Tesla CEO Elon Musk today officially released Model 3, the first mass market Tesla, and the first mass market electric car. Here’s everything you need to know about Tesla's brand new petrol killer!

The Model 3 is SEXY!

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While the rough design was shown off at the first launch event back in March 2016, the design team has since been hard at work, tweaking and perfecting the car and boy does it look good! From the outside Model 3 has sleek lines, akin to the Model S albeit slightly smaller, and definitely punches above the competition it faces not only its own price bracket, but luxury sedans as well. And you’ve never seen an interior like this before. The dashboard features a huge horizontal 15” touchscreen where all of the critical information lives, as well as extras like maps and entertainment. There’s no instrument cluster and no heads up display, instead the interior is minimalistic, yet premium. Musk say’s that “users won't care” about the omission of common instruments that we’re accustomed to on todays vehicles, and that instead after some adjustment, as well as inclusion of advanced autopilot features, drivers won't need all of that extra information cluttering their view.

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It’s FAST!

The standard car will go from 0 to 100 kmh in just 5.6 seconds, with the long range version taking just 5.1. While it doesn’t quite match the performance of Model S and its Ludicrous time of just 2.5 seconds, Model 3 definitely isn't slow, and you can bet it will leave it’s petrol competition in the dust.


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The most important part of Model 3 is its price. To streamline production, at launch only two options will be available. The standard car will cost $35,000 USD, and offer 354km range, 0—100 in 5.6s and a top speed of 209 km/h. The long range battery option will add $9,000 to the purchase price and increases range to 499km, 0-100 to 5.1s and top speed to 225 km/h. While the base car offers incredible value, quality and style, there are additional luxuries available for those who choose to spend a bit more. Deluxe Metallic and Multi-Coat paint options are on offer for an extra $1000, a 19” Sport wheel can replace the standard 18” Aero wheel for $1,500, and the premium upgrades package includes an upgraded interior with additional features for $5,000. Every model 3 will come with the full suite of Autopilot sensors, and autopilot safety features enabled by default. Advanced autopilot will also available for $5,000 which enables model 3 to match speeds, keep within a lane, change lanes, exit freeways and self park. Musk says that pending regulatory approval, Model 3 will be able to drive its self on its current hardware, a feature that can be enabled through a future software update.

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If you already have a reservation for Model 3 you can expect delivery sometime in the next 12 months. If you’re thinking of getting one and havent reserved, we recommend doing so ASAP. Right now production is slow, however it’s projected to ramp up to 5k units/week by December which should see more of the back orders being filled so that new reservation holders can get their hands on the car, however it will be a lengthy, yet rewarding wait.

I can’t wait to test drive Model 3 once it lands in Australia, and will follow up with a full review once we get our hands on it!

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