Now Is Now

Czarina Madayag Photography

Czarina Madayag Photography

I’ve always had the problem of being unable to predict the nature of a situation before it’s commencement. It’s why I’m impulsive and at times thoughtless when making big life-making decisions or even small mediocre ones, like should I buy this discounted snickers bar with my already plentiful amount of groceries and the answer is always yes. With enough convincing and motivation, you could literally have me do anything, to an extent of course, you won’t have me stripping off in a dark shanty club snorting cocaine off of a hooker’s backside. Although that sounds like fun. However, I don’t mind this side of me and I often will embrace it.

I have a friend in Queensland who I’ve kept close contact with over the years, 5 years to be exact, whose name is Amy. When I grew up in Brisbane, we went to high school together and she is my longest and dearest friend. One day on our usual 2-hour phone calls she convinced me to move in with her. You could already guess that after that phone call, I already had made the conscientious decision to take a gap year, move in with Amy, work and travel. In this point of time, I loved my course in journalism, I loved Melbourne and I loved my friends and family. There was nothing that was chasing me out of the state and I wasn’t bored. I’m just that impulsive.

Although I did have a 10 minute over view of my decision and I concluded that staying in Melbourne, completing my course, seeing the same people and doing the same things were just too predictable. So why not move out to the other side of the country? That could be lots of fun! Although these plans didn’t follow through because just as the situation at hand was unpredictable, so were those involved. So I’m completing my course, seeing the same people and doing the same things and it’s okay…

On the bright side, I know that before I endeavour on my grand plans to travel the world as a freelance journalist, I must do the hustling and bustling now. I know I have to ignore impulsive temptations (I’ll probably still buy that extra snickers bar) and wave off this feeling of restlessness. For those of you who are going through the same rough patch, keep day dreaming until it’s your reality. It’ll happen for us one day but now is now.