OOMPH's 2018 Music Picks

2017 has been a monumental year for these industry shaking artists. Check out our top picks for 2018, the artists to watch as we welcome the new year!

Sydney based artist Chloe Papandrea has come a long way since her 2014 appearance on XFactor. Relaunching herself as CXLOE in 2017 with the dark Pop track ‘Tough Love’, this 22 year old is cutting well above her weight in the music industry and we cant wait to see her career take off!

With an attitude to be reckoned with, Jessie’s debut EP ‘Kiddo’ evolved the gentle acoustic image that came with Figures into an aggressive trap-pop powerhouse with tracks like Shutter Island, and Gatekeeper - which explores her history with corruption in the music industry. It’s safe to say this 26 year old has proved wrong all who doubted her, and that big dreams can come true.

Our favourite American Teen has landed himself a Grammy nomination just one year after the launch of his debut single. Following a year of global success accompanied by a platinum certified album and world tour, Khalid is set to continue his soulful R&B sound into 2018.

Melbourne songstress CHMBRS established her identity in the Australian music industry with her evocative and authentically dark single “Rabbit Hole”. Possessing the determination to dream big, there is no doubt CHMBRS will continue to astound us with her musical capabilities in 2018 and the impending release of her debut EP Exordium.

From strength to strength, Mansionair’s ambient electro sound is going global. Touring across the Europe, and releasing the infectious-grammy nominated ODEZA collaboration Line of Sight, these boys are lined up for an even bigger year in 2018. Lets just hope they can answer the one question everyone is asking: what even is a ‘mansionair’?

2017 has been a breakout year for young Melbourne artist Maribelle. Kicking  it off with her festival debut at FOMO to support the debut Overtake EP (which we still have on repeat), Maribelle teamed up with Release the Wolves for the Trap anthem “Shotgun” in June. She’s promised OOMPH! more music in the new year and we seriously cannot wait!

Just a year ago Alex Lahey may have been nonchalant about her appearance in the Australian music industry, quoted “I’m just some random from Melbourne”. However, following the release of her debut “I Love You Like a Brother” album, Lahey has now solidified herself as Melbourne’s grimly cynical rockstar.

Most know her from the feature on Gnash’s number one track ‘‘i hate you, i love you”, but Olivia O’Brien is working her own sound with the recent release of her debut EP ‘It’s Not That Deep’ - This is just the beginning for the 18 year old.

Taking a brief departure from Pentatonix, this funky duo have made a bold move not only releasing their debut full length album ‘Future Friends’, but also treating fans to weekly music videos for all 15 tracks starting in June this year. We hope to see some live performances in the new year, and an Australian tour would certianly be appreciated.

From 3 standout EPs and a feature on Rihanna’s Anti, Sza has shown  incredible growth and evolvement in her debut album, CTRL. Presenting a nakedly bold position in today’s taboo topic of the side chick, Sza proudly discusses what everybody thinks but is too scared to say with a swagger of complete confidence. 

With the breakout DJ Khalid single ‘Landslide’ from his debut ‘ONE’ EP, and an absolutely phenomenal voice - would you believe that this artist is only 16 years old!? 2017 gave us a taste of Toby’s style and we cant wait to hear whats next.

The ability to identify your own weakness and flaws takes courage, one that Kehlani completely embodies in Sweet Sexy Savage. Through pure passion she utilises her sound as a means to highlight her own experiences of pain, love, and all the feelings in between; conveying a strong respect for the uncertainty of life and the remarkable wonders of it too, – a humbling attribute not many artists get right. Kehlani is set to return to Australia in 2018 with Halsey

Gang of Youths.jpg

Winner of 4 ARIA music awards (Best Rock Album, Album of The Year, Best Group, and Producer of The Year), Gang of Youths has proudly represented Australian rock both nationally and internationally. Leading a track record for unflinchingly delivering raw truths, they’re defying cynicism with accurate exploration of the human experience in all of its bleakness and simultaneous triumph.

One of Australia’s most promising talents, from ethereal folk singer who first graced Australia with “Scarborough Fair” to now reinvented edgy electronica alias Vera Blue. After intervention, Vera has arisen from the ashes and will continue to defy all odds in 2018. With a varnished voice like hers and a an undying determination, she is unstoppable.