Tinder Adventures

Does Online Dating Actually Work?

First impressions can be tough... 

Curiosity killed the cat. After hearing so many mixed reviews about online dating, it’s time to do my own little investigation- does online dating actually work? Do you actually meet decent people on these platforms? And importantly, do I look good on paper? Am I interesting enough to be swiped right just from a catchy bio and a half decent looking profile picture? 

Starting with Tinder, I will be answering these commonly asked questions. 

Here’s a snippet of day 1:

  1. Okay so left is fuck no and right is okay maybe?

  2. Alright got it.

  3. Fuck no.

  4. Fuck no.

  5. Fuck no.

  6. Mmm.

  7. Yeah okay.

  8. Fuck no.

  9. Fuck no.

  10. Fuck no.

  11. Wow this thing really teaches you to judge a book by its cover.

  12. Shit what if I'M not cute enough for this?

  13. Ah! time to write a witty enough remark that suggests a great personality.

  14. Oo wow, your grammar is a little poor there bud.

  15. Do I wait to reply?

  16. Surely I can just reply in a timely fashion without being labeled "needy" or whatever. I signed up for this bullshit- ain't no time to play hard to get.

  17. Does the girl initiate the conversation or should the guy?

  18. Why am I even questioning gender roles? What the fuck.

  19. No, Czarina remember you signed up for this. Game time!

  20. Should I google some pick up lines?

  21. They're still a thing right?

  22. Okay fine, Caity be my scribe.

  23. No really be my scribe. I can't flirt through a device.

  24. Thank you.

  25. He replied!

  26. Yay!

  27. Some random stranger finds me interesting!

  28. Yay!

  29. Hang on.

  30. Why the fuck am I so giddy over this?

  31. I hope I'm not valuing my worth over this. I'm more than an app! I'm more than Tinder.

  32. Wow this is really dumb. Let's delete it.

  33. I'm capable enough to do this in person.

  34. Aw but this is going so well...

  35. Solid responses. Yes!

  36. Hasn't asked for a nude.

  37. Yet.

  38. Oh and he works at a chocolate factory?!?!

  39. I hope our first date is at this chocolate factory!!!

  40. Oo a new match!

  41. Sorry I'll just put you on hold.

  42. Brb.

  43. This one has a dog!

  44. Yes yes my name is Russian.

  45. No I'm not Russian.

  46. Enough with the pleasantries, what's your dogs name?

  47. Ugh small talk kills me.

  48. Let's get the ball fucking rolling, cmon.

  49. I wanna get to the part where you tell me you're emotionally unavailable and whether or not that's linked to your upbringing.

  50. Ugh.

  51. Yes my favourite colour is yellow.

  52. Wonderful.

  53. Much progress.

Stay tuned for more Tinder adventures as I meet my matches!