Veganism: Trendy Diet Or A Revolution?


The wise words of Hippocrates, let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food, vibrated through to the 20th century and is now the ripple effect of plant based diets. A diet consisting of only 4 food groups, that been fruit, vegetables, legumes and whole grains, are deemed to reverse and even cure chronic health diseases. Could it be that a handful of carrots may safeguard you for life? 

Chief of Cardiology, Kim Williams stands by it, noting "it is the the best prevention strategy.” After the discovery of his LDL cholesterol, Dr. Williams decided to eliminate dairy and animal protein from his diet with his LDL dropping within six weeks. LDL plays a role in heart disease, the plaque that accumulates in the arteries is not only of cholesterol but immune cells that invade the artery walls, resulting in chronic inflammation. Dr. Williams was able to make the connection between the two and has been endorsing a plant based diet in order to reverse and even deplete inflammation. However much to his surprise, the public were not entirely pleased, with protests that he was promoting a “radical lifestyle”. Needless to say, Dr. Williams and his patients not need a placard to deny naysayers but their own testimonies. 

In 2015 the World Health Organisation (WHO) confirmed that the consumption of processed meat was “carcinogenic to humans,” equivalent to cigarette smoking and inhaling asbestos, with red meat a probable cancer causing food. Even a low intake of processed meat can increase the risk of colorectal cancer; accountable of an unnecessary 50,000 deaths per year. Hidden amongst jargon of agricultural industry sponsored propaganda, scientists had already concluded this in a study 40 years ago. 

In 1976 a study was conducted on the nutritional supplementation of women during pregnancy, the study had shown that a single meal of animal protein can nearly double the level of stress hormones within a half hour of consumption. Mother’s who ate a pound of meat each day had children who later became overweight.  Mother’s who ate meat more frequently were prone to react negatively to certain situations, leaving their offspring to have levels of high cortisol throughout their whole life. What was even more alerting was  the link between the excess of early premature births, associated neonatal deaths and growth retardation up to 37 weeks of gestation. 

Meat isn’t the only culprit in the health race, eggs have also been linked to cancer progression, nearly doubling the increased risk of fatal prostate cancer. 3 or more eggs consumed per week can cause clogged arteries and an eventual stroke, similar to smoking cigarettes. In an attempt to denounce the adequacy of plant based nutrition, egg industries all over the world have chanted the incremental health benefits found in eggs; lutein and zeaxanthin,  two compounds consumed to protect one’s eyesight. In comparison, one spoonful of spinach is the equivalent to 9 eggs, collard greens equivalent 15,000 eggs and kale equivalent to 24,000. Would you rather have 1/3 cup of spinach or 40 eggs to meet the requirements of your daily nutritional intake? 

Sadly the answer is; You can change a man’s religion but you can’t change his diet.Type 2 diabetes is increasing and is expected to become Australia’s leading cause of burden in 2023. Not far off, is obesity, heart disease and cardiovascular disease- all linked to animal based diets. Humans by default are notorious for self destruction but will you be the cause of your own death?