Victorians Can Now Use Their Phones as Valid ID

It’s 2018 and it seems that our wallets are heading the way of the Dinosaurs. Bank and Loyalty cards have slowly moved to our phones over the past few years - but there’s always been one outlier preventing us from going completely digital - our iD’s. Well fellow cyborgs - Australia Post is here to save the day, with the Victorian Government approving use of their new Digital ID app, an identification service that lives on your phone, as valid proof of age for all licensed venues within the state. 

The app allows users to scan in existing documents, including drivers licence, medicare and passport, which are then cross checked with the federal government’s document verification service to create a new ‘Keypass’ iD, a digital version of Australia Posts physical Keypass card. The Digital ID app is secured with a 6 digit passcode, as well options to enable secure Touch ID and Face ID authentication methods on iOS Devices. Additionally, all data is encrypted on device and only accessible by third parties, including Australia Post, with the users permission.

Following a successful trial of the service in 50 venues throughout Fitzroy late last year, Marlene Kairouz, The Minister for Consumer Affairs, Gaming and Liquor Regulation approved Keypass as an evidence of age document under section 3 of the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998. Digital iD is compatible with the scanners found in many clubs, and Licensees at bottle shops and bars can check for validity through holograms and animations found in the app.

So next time your heading out there’s no need to worry about theft, or forgetting your wallet on the train. Digital ID is available now for download from the App Store and Google Play.